Springfield Creatives

Springfield Creatives provides a community network for commercial creatives in Springfield, MO. When they decided to refine and revitalize their message, they reached out to us for help. The resulting re-brand took aim at describing the connection to who Springfield was, and who Springfield is now because of the creative folks who live there. With the idea of creating a brand that truly relfected the intersection of commerce and creativity, mixed with a little bit of home town history, we were happy to give back to our creative community in some small way.

Springfield Creatives is an organization that emphasizes the intersection commercial and creative. This crossover is what makes SGFC the impactful organization it is. For the rebrand we wanted focus on that intersection and make it drive the new direction. SGFC isn’t just about one area of the creative trade. It is the diverse range
of fields that makes SGFC special. Encompassing design, illustration, film, copywriting, photography and audio - it is the crossing of these disciplines that adds to the unique collaborative aspect that makes SGFC so impactful.

Let's dive in