ROSIE supports, assists and serves as an advocate network for current and prospective female founders, business owners, and leaders. They wanted a brand that reflected the courage it takes to step into a leadership role and also display a sense of female pride. Of course Rosie The Riveter made the perfect example. Using the "ROSIE-O" headband as the centerpiece of the logo and touch points, we created a brand that leads by example.


Rosie membership is free and for women of all ages and walks of life — but donations are always welcome. We set ROSIE up with a fully responsive website to drive traffic to join the organization and donate. The website also houses a plethora of information on board openings, events, mentorship opportunities and other professional resources.


We developed custom imagery and photography themes to brand out the ROSIE social media feeds even more. When new members make moves in the ROSIE organization, they may get a call-out on the ROSIE social channels letting other members and organizations know about their new leadership roles.

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