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Cannabis Brand Design

Hey, we get it. Sometimes folks just want the sun to shine a little brighter, for music to sound a little sweeter, and for food to taste just a little better. Sometimes folks need it for medicine. Sometimes they just want to get glued to their couch and play 6 hours of Xbox. We're here to build legacy brands in the ever evolving marijuana marketplace. Whether you're a dispensary, manufacturer or cultivator, we've got the know-how to build your weed brand for the long haul.

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We're the real deal when it comes to branding your cannabis company. Dispensaries, manufacturers, cultivators and more. We dive deep and create brands that are here to stay in this regulated market.


Regulatory safe packaging for any cannabis product you can dream up. We pride ourselves on following all the rules we know we can't break. We design cannabis packaging that's as fun to unbox as it is to use what's inside.

Web Design

E-Commerce websites with tech stacks built specially for the cannabis buyer. Keeping local SEO top of mind, we build sites for the modern cannabis user, while making sure functionality and interfaces are appropriate for users of all kinds.

Merch Design

Cannabis has so many roots that are steeped in lifestyle. We get it. We create merch for brands that people want to wear around, throw in their pocket, or even roll up at the end of the day.


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