The Farmer's Wife

The Farmer's Wife is a chain of Midwestern Cannabis Dispensaries spanning the state of Missouri. Along with our partners in this project at Supper, we dove in to create a brand system that reflected the cultures and values of the communities they represent. Through the brand strategy process, we were able to truly define the voice and tone of the brand, as well as pour life into who "The Farmer's Wife" is as a personification. The brand feels slightly nostalgic and very Ozarkian in nature, but chic and upscale at the same time. As we developed the core brand, we also helped to define the interior spaces of the store to bring our concept of "Ozarks-Chic" to life.

Developing The Farmer's Wife brand was a true delight. We began to create an expansive brand kit full of life and hidden message and detail. As we created main logos and marks, we also developed the illustration style through multiple rounds of sketching and refinement until we were able to nail the physical realization of the main mascot herself.

Missouri Dispensary Logo and Brand Design
Interior Design for Missouri Dispensary
Dispensary Mascot Illustration
The Farmers Wife Missouri mascot illustration
Dispensary Merch Design

The Farmer's Wife brand truly came together better than we could've hoped - launching the cannabis dispensary into one of the most well respected and highly attended dispensaries in the state.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Product Photography
Dispensary Social Media Graphic Design
Missouri Cannabis Billboard
Dispensary Interior Design Missouri
Cannabis Product Photography
Recreational Marijuana Photography
Missouri Cannabis Website Design
Dispensary Exterior Logo Design

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