Mudhouse Coffee

When The Mudhouse, Springfield's legendary coffee haven, came knocking for a brand overhaul, we were as stoked as a freshly pulled espresso shot. This coffee-slinging icon has been brewing up a storm for decades, and it was time to give them a brand design system as irresistible as their beverages.

Channeling our inner java junkies, we whipped up a color palette as warm and inviting as their perfectly steamed lattes – think caramels, chocolates, and deep, soul-stirring espressos. And because every memorable brand needs a dash of flair, we illustrated their quirkier concoctions like the Funky Monkey and Frozen Turtle, giving customers a visual treat with every sip.

Graphic Design Logo For Coffee Shop
Logo design for Local Coffee Shop
Responsive Logo Design for Local Coffee Shop
Type Badge Design for Cafe
Branding Badge Design for Cafe
Apparel Design for Coffee Shop
Mascot Logos and Custom Brands for each individual coffee type

But we didn't stop there. As self-proclaimed merch masters, we steamed ahead with t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, wraps, and more – all designed to make loyal Mudhouse customers wear their caffeine addiction with pride. We even jazzed up their menus and to-go signage, ensuring that every corner of this coffee utopia breathed new life.

color ways and punchcards and interior signage design for local cafe
Coffee Bag Packaging Design
Coffee Bag and To-Go Packaging Design
graphic design for apparel and goods
Website redesign and development for coffee shop
Mudhouse Springfield Mo Logo

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