Booger Holler

When Booger Holler swaggered into our world, we couldn't help but jump at the chance to bring their outdoor enthusiast lifestyle brand to life, steeped in rich family history and a healthy dose of Ozark Mountain nostalgia. As fans of a good time and bold design, we knew this was a match made in lake-loving heaven.

Drawing from the entrepreneurial spirit of their grandfather, a true renaissance man with a finger in every pie – from storage units to rabbit farming, all while working for BF Goodrich – we knew this brand had to carry the same level of unstoppable energy. This family was raised on "Booger Holler" merch, and we were determined to create a brand that honored their legacy while turning heads at the lake.

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Our art direction took a joyride through the vibrant color palettes of the high-top socks era, blending browns, light blues, life vest oranges, and hunter greens for a visual cocktail that screams classic 80's and 90's Americana. We stirred up patterns from those colors, making sure Booger Holler's lake culture vibe had folks itching to dive in.

When it came to merchandise, we went full throttle. T-shirts, hats, coolers, floats – we crafted a treasure trove of swag for Booger Holler's fans to wear with pride, keeping the spirit of their grandfather's empire alive and well.

We wrestled the wild beast of Shopify customization into submission, creating a slick, seamless online shopping experience that marries perfectly with Booger Holler's branding and values.

And let's not forget the copywriting. We channeled our inner laid-back, fun-loving Ozarks spirit and crafted content that invites readers to "take a beat, soak in the view, and enjoy the moment." Topped off with Booger Holler's tagline, "Where Friends Meet," we knew we'd created a brand story worthy of their legacy.

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With our expertise in lifestyle brand strategy, brand design, art direction, web design, and copywriting, we brought Booger Holler's vision to life, honoring their family's history while making waves in the world of lake culture. Now that's a brand adventure for the books.

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