Whitewater Amphitheater

Deep in the heart of Texas, where the stars hang high and the Guadalupe River runs wild, the echo of music intertwines with the whispering wind. It’s here, "On the river, Under the stars," where we were asked to strike up a tune of our own for Whitewater Amphitheater, an incredibly distinctive live music venue.

We began this ballad with a nod to the rich Texas heritage and a deep understanding of Whitewater's mission to deliver the "True Taste of Texas Hospitality." We knew our design needed to sing the right pitch, one that would resonate with a diverse crowd of music lovers, embodying southern charm, safety, and joy. Oh, and it had to be as clever as a fox in cowboy boots - just like Texans themselves.

Diving into the brand design, we brewed a logo system as expansive as the Texas plains. With various assets and elements, this system could hold its own in any rodeo, demonstrating its versatility across diverse formats. We took inspiration from the undulating river, the glittering stars, and the pure energy of live music to create a visual identity that’s as memorable as a Texas sunset.

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But our work didn't stop at the logo. To guide folks smoothly from the entrance to their seat, we crafted a wayfinding signage system as clear as a bell. And to ensure Whitewater's brand was felt at every touchpoint, we cooked up an assortment of merchandise that was hotter than a billy goat in a pepper patch. From t-shirts to hats, each piece was like a note in a melody, harmonizing perfectly with the overall brand essence.

Weaving the right words is just as crucial as striking the right chord. So, we took the reins on copywriting, infusing every line with the unmistakable tone of Whitewater Amphitheater - respectful, enthusiastic, and a little bit boastful, just like any proud Texan. Every message we crafted aimed to make patrons feel like they were right there, living the moment, sharing the exhilarating experience of live music.

In the end, we didn't just design a brand for Whitewater Amphitheater - we composed a love letter to Texas, to music, and to the joy of shared experiences. We're as proud as punch of what we created, and we reckon it's as catchy as a tune that you can't stop humming. But don't take our word for it - go experience the Whitewater Amphitheater, under the stars, on the river, and let the music take it from there.

Let's dive in