After we met with the owners of Druff's we knew we were going to be able to have some fun with this one. Druff's is a diner and bar that specializes in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, daily soups and ice cold beer. After our discovery phase, we knew this brand absolutely had to be full of personality and just the right amount of weird. To start, we developed a logo that spoke to the roots of the restaurant as a diner, but with a clever nod towards their slightly cheesy personality.

Fried Design helped us get poppin’ early and often with a unique brand and feel that encompasses the quality and fun we hope to deliver out of our Cheese Palace in downtown Springfield. Plus! They’ve continued to work and support us as we’ve grown and evolved.
— Vance Hall - Druff's Founder & Owner


One of the first things you may notice after looking at the Druff's menu are the absurd names of the menu items. Each custom sandwich is named after a long-time friend of the owners — many of whom are regulars at the diner. What better way to show your friends you love 'em? Look closely enough, and you may notice one of FDC's very own on this hefty list.