Introducing Punchbowl

Killer content creation with the FDC shine.

Josh Sullivan

February 2, 2023

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to feast your eyes on the newest addition to Fried Design Company's arsenal - Punchbowl Studios. Our new content creation studio is serving up some of the most mouth-watering and giggles-inducing social media content in the land, and we're doing it all with a side of of that classic FDC chutzpah.

Punchbowl specializes in three things that are near and dear to all of our blessed little hearts: cannabis, alcohol, and food. That's right, our team of brand designers and content wizards are ready to take the social media game by storm with clever, sometimes funny, and engaging posts about all the things that make life worth living.

From lip-smacking images of perfectly-prepared cocktails to macro-trichrome-holy-smokes reels, we can do it all. And, we're doing it all with a keen eye for detail and a quick wit that's sure to keep you entertained and engaged.

We have options from basic one white e-commerce photography all the way up to our premium styled and art-directed content pieces. All of it slays. Let's get after it.

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