2021: The year of FDC

2020 is gone forever. Look to the future. Long live FDC.

Josh Sullivan

January 18, 2021

2020 was painful.

We made it out a lot better than a lot of folks, but damn. It still wasn't much fun. And we're kinda in the fun business. We needed a hard reset - something to look to that made us even a little more independent, even a little more tough, and even a little more creative. We needed to take our own destiny in our hands. If we're going to burn in a fiery crash, we're going to do it pushing the gas has hard as we can.

So, we decided to make a few changes. So far, we're pretty glad we did.

We decided to wrap up 2020 with releasing our new reel. A real statement to the 2020 work we're so proud of. A way to go out with a bang.

Next, our brand spankin' new space. Time to make a move to something we can grow into. We've got big dreams for this place, and baby, we plan on making 'em come true. A bigger focus on FDC products and creating the type of pieces and parts you want to keep on your wall or in your pocket forever and ever.

Finally, this zinger of a new site that you're on now. A stronger focus on the work we want to create for the incredible clients we want to create it for. We're down to work with everyone and anyone who shares our passion for making brave work with a whole lot of soul. We're considered experts in some areas, but don't let it fool you, we're here to learn a new trick or two as well.

We'll be rolling out new work, new content, new products and more over the coming weeks, months, and lord-willin', years. 2021 is our year. Long live FDC. - Josh

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